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In an events spin 

I regularly hear: “We want to start doing events this year. We really want to launch a program,” or, “We’ve got some things we’d like to share and we’d like to do it in an event format. Where on earth do we start? We’ve got the ideas for the venue. We’ve got some different things in the pipeline. We’re trying to do marketing campaigns. We’re trying to sell tickets.” 

And I just say; “Stop. Take a breath. Let’s go back. Let’s rewind a step. 

Start at the beginning! 

Before we start looking at venues, what do you want to get out of this event?  

What’s the point in doing it? Why? Why? Just why? Do you want to encourage people to be reflective, to nurture and grow themselves? Are you looking to impart knowledge and learning? Is this a product for prospects? Are we looking to give people loads of value so that they might sign up to a course later on? And what is it that we’re actually trying to achieve as a result of doing these events?” So have that in your mind. 

Event delegates 

Next, I want you to put yourself in your delegates shoes. Think about how you want your delegates to feel when they receive that ticket for the first time, when they arrive at your venue, and when they enter your event space. How do you want them to feel?  

What are the emotions you want them to take on? Do you want them to be wowed? Do you want them to be inspired? Do you want them to be impressed? Do you want them to be invigorated? Is it a really small space, so you want them to feel safe and secure and cozy because you’re going to be doing lots of soul work? Or is it bright and airy because you’ve got team building going on and you want blue sky thinking? 

What do you want the event to look like? 

Think about the feelings first and the reason why we’re doing this event, and then you should have an image that starts to form. And with that image, and write all those words down, you can start to generate a Pinterest board or you’ll start to create a bit more of an image in your own head so that then the venue choices become much easier. You can discount venues that don’t feel right for the particular event that you’re trying to host. 

Aims and objectives – this is business after all 

Don’t worry that it’s all not crystal clear in the first five minutes. Really think about your aims and objectives and how you want your delegates to feel, and the rest will fall into line.  

As always, if you need a hand with anything, you know where to find me. Either drop me a message on here or you can find me at MyOhMyEvents.com. You can drop me an email: Lorna@MyOhMyEvents.com and I’d be more than happy to help. But for now, in the comment section, what did you want to achieve from your last event? Let us know and maybe your ideas inspire other people to get out of their comfort zone and launch some events. That’s it from me. Have an awesome day, and I will see you all soon.