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Hybrid Events

We work with our clients through our 6 stage E.V.E.N.T.S process to be sure that our client’s events are the ultimate in professionalism, raise their brand and guarantee technical glitches are covered.

What is a hybrid event?

Hybrid events are a beautiful blend of in-person and online. If you are running a conference with a stage, magnificent speakers and content, stream this to a global audience for online attendees.

You can always keep and edit the streamed content for availability later as an added bonus too.

With effective planning, platforms and training your events can be immersive for all participants whether in the room in 4D or online. No-one wants the feeling of attending a hybrid event, via an online platform and it feels like they are seeing the day through the window – stuck on the outside and not able to get involved, ask a question or take part.

With great production, which we can help with, your online attendees will have the same amazing experience as the in-room attendees.

1. Flexibility

Hybrid events offer flexibility to attendees who, for whatever reason might not be able to travel to your venue. Your attendees are not tied to attending in London, or LA, they can join you from anywhere in the world.

2. Sustainability

More and more clients are factoring sustainability, and their carbon footprint into daily decisions. If the option is to fly across the world or attend online, most will choose the online option.

3. Contingency

The world has learned over the past 2 years that we need to have a back up plan. What happens when a speaker is ill? Travel plans change? Having your event already planned to have an online element means if the need arose you could shift to totally online in a heartbeat.

4. Inclusivity

By making your event hybrid you are saying to your clients, ‘We see you in all your forms, and we welcome you.’ With hybrid you can adapt the event for every physical or learning need and for your neurodiverse clients. Making your company inclusive.

5. Cost Saving

Having 100 in the room and 1000 online, is a significantly cheaper way to host an event, less refreshments, venue costs and printed collateral. The online segment is better value for money, so that goes right to your bottom line.

What do MyOhMy Events do?

We offer packaged to suit your events, in the form of Starter, main course and dessert! (who doesn’t love a food analogy) and we’ll help you choose what you need as we work through out E.V.E.N.T.S. process with you.


  • $Ticket sales
  • $Marketing
  • $Social media posts
  • $Email copy
  • $Nurture/ keep warm sequences

Main course

  • $Dedicated website/ virtual conference room
  • $Venue sourcing
  • $ Venue set up
  • $One the day streaming
  • $In event production
  • $ Advice on design of the event
  • $Training for your speakers
  • $Demo/ practice sessions
  • $ Virtual and in-person breakouts
  • $Real-time questions
  • $Contingency planning
  • $Staffing of in-person and online


  • $Post event reporting
  • $Recording edits
  • $Download platform
  • $Post event collateral


With everything from one room product launches to multi-stream, multi day conferences, we have 10,000+ hours of experience and would love to chat to see what you need to make your event next level, your brand stand out and your audiences come back for more.