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You have a brilliant event concept, amazing speakers, you know there’s an audience out there for it, but how are you going to make it happen on your budget? Have you contacted any sponsors? If you’re not sure where to start – who would want to sponsor the event? Are they a good match with your event values? How much will they be able to sponsor and what will they receive in return? We’ll answer all of these questions and more below, keep reading!

Question number one…

Do you need sponsorship for your event and why?

Sponsorships can be game-changers. Here’s why your event might benefit from sponsorship:

  • Big or Glitzy Events: Got celebrity guests or aiming for major media buzz? Sponsors can help you go big or go home.
  • Extra Budget Boosts: Dreaming of smart badges or a snazzy mobile app? Sponsors can make those dreams a reality.
  • Audience Expansion: Want to attract new followers? Sponsors bring their own fans along for the ride.
  • Logistical Help: Need a venue, transportation, or catering? Sponsors can provide resources you might not afford otherwise.
  • Building Credibility: New to the scene? Established sponsors can vouch for your awesomeness.

While not every event needs a sponsor, these scenarios show when it’s particularly advantageous and can benefit everyone involved.

How do you choose the right sponsor for your event?

Your brand is your business and your event, make good choices!

  • Relevance: Match your sponsor’s audience with yours. It’s a perfect pairing.
  • Shared Values: Choose sponsors who vibe with your event’s goals and values.
  • ROI Focused: Seek sponsors who get that sponsorship is a two-way street.

Where to find event sponsors

Sounds easy, you have a target, you know your events and your business, so go get em! Here are five ways to find your next event sponsor:

  1. Use online tools: there are specialist sponsorship online matchmakers/databases that exist from Sponsor My Event to Sponsor Pitch.  Have a look and make your own judgement. 
  2. What is it you need?: Align your sponsorship needs with your event goals. Need a venue? Look for hospitality sponsors. Need PR? Seek media sponsors. 
  3. Seek out known sponsors: Check out who sponsored similar events. They already see the value in this kind of marketing and may be on the lookout for their next collaboration. 
  4. Which organisations share your values?: Narrow down sponsors who reflect your event’s core values. Eco-friendly event? Look for those companies championing eco-vision. 
  5. Think national and local: The venue might obviously be local but how about software that supports the industry e.g. the Marketing MeetUp webinars have sponsors including software giant Exclaimer to Papa Johns at the Milton Keynes face-to-face events. 
  6. Audience avatars: Who are your audience’s favourite brands? Partnering with these companies can excite your attendees.

Convincing a company to sponsor your event

Once you’ve found potential sponsors, it’s time to wow them. Here’s how:

  1. Create a sponsorship proposal to have on standby to send to potentials: Include your company’s story, mission, audience demographics, and specific funding needs. Make it personal and compelling. 
  2. Offer irresistible incentives: Free booth space, logo placements, social media shout-outs and tags, award presenters, speaking slots, step and repeat logo, logo on the program/website/banners/email newsletters and exclusive offers can sweeten the deal. 
  3. Minimise their risk: Propose a trial sponsorship with a smaller investment to build trust and confidence. You can have a range of tiers of sponsorship – maybe they’ll opt for a bigger one next year. Think of that episode of The Apprentice 2024 when they are selling the parts of the racing cars! Consider conflict when you offer sponsorship – two rivals logos next to each other might not go down well. 
  4. Partner with established brands: If you’re new, how about you team up with more recognised companies to boost your event’s credibility, particularly if they have a heart for innovative, new ideas. 
  5. Do your homework: Research potential sponsors thoroughly. Mention their recent achievements or products in your pitch to show you’re in the know. Make it clear why you have chosen to reach out to them specifically. 
  6. Use data to build confidence: Share relevant data from past events to demonstrate potential ROI. This could include revenue, attendee numbers, and social media engagement. 
  7. Timing is everything: Start your outreach early and avoid holiday seasons. Be respectful of their time with concise, well-timed communications. 
  8. Find the right contacts: Go beyond obvious titles. Seek out brand managers or budget controllers, and leverage your existing network who knows who? LinkedIn will tell you!

You have a brilliant event sponsorship offer

Don’t give up, if someone isn’t keen this time, it doesn’t mean they won’t be next time, or they might switch to another organisation in time for the next event or the next company might bite your hand off to be part of your event. Remember, sponsors are looking for a return on their investment, be crystal clear about what makes your event a valuable opportunity for them, make them feel special and part of the event on the night or day (so they commit to next year’s event). Approach sponsorship offers with confidence, and you might just secure the sponsorship that takes your event to the next level, this year and in years to come.

Ready to dive in and find those sponsors? Happy planning and good luck! 🎉