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Online Virtual Events

The World is shifting and changing.

The drive to get online and the importance of having a ‘stand-out’ presence online has never been bigger.

We work with business owners and entrepreneurs to move their existing offering online, to use online service in a new way of nurturing and lead generation or to adapt to deliver the same service in a new way.

We commonly hear….

  • ‘I had no ideas what technology/ platforms to use’
  • ‘I love the reassurance of having MyOhMy Events on our webinars, it shows our clients we are ‘next level’
  • ‘I can manage participants, chat and slides myself, but I don’t want the stress and pressure. I want to focus on delivering my content well and leave the professionals to the rest…’

We work with our clients through our 6 stage E.V.E.N.T.S process to be sure that our client’s events are the ultimate in professionalism, raise their brand and guarantee technical glitches are covered.


What do you want to achieve with your events? What are your business goals or focus for this event? To educate, to promote, to sell?


What do you want the events to look like, and feel like. What emotions do you want guests to feel? Dream venue? What branding will you use?


Time to put the plan into motion, book the venue first, catering, entertainment, security, planning & budget documents produced


Let’s fill the events, marketing, adverts, ticketing systems, delegate lists, communications to delegates, revenue flow management


Next level delivery, printing, handouts, gifts, lighting, temperature, flow of the event – timeline, final communications to delegates, confirmations with suppliers. Build the excitement and confirm the session structure


The event day, put into motion. Briefing & managing delivery teams and set up, speaker check care, guests check in & care. Exceptional experience delivery. Follow with feedback and debrief

If you were running a face-to-face event with a hundred people, you would get help. People to set the room, help with registration, refreshments and tech – online is no different.

Do not struggle. Keep your events professional. Guarantee the best User Experience possible

Let your participants walk away thinking, “that session was amazing, immersive, slick and I really want to work with them again”.

  • Security – DO NOT put your online events at risk, we manage the security and de-risk your events
  • Establish why you want to get online, who you are serving
  • How do you want you participants to feel/ react/ learn? We select the best platform to achieve that
  • Sign ups, ticket sales and filling the event
  • Links, log in and messages to participants prior to the event
  • Participant management in the webinar; muting, technical query resolution, functionality briefing including adding links and sending advice/ notes in meeting
  • Recording, follow up and including our bespoke post-event report for learning, development in future sessions
James White
“I am passionate about providing sales support, knowledge and guidance to small service businesses that want to grow and I do this through running online webinars on a weekly basis.

With over 30 to 40 people attending each webinar, I didn’t want the stress of having to present as well as allowing new people into the webinar, answering questions from attendees, dealing with problems any attendee has or sharing links that I mention within the webinar itself.

When Lorna outlined the service she offered, I tried it out and I agreed to sign up for the service after webinar 1. She and her team just take the pressure off me in running the webinar and that allows me to focus on delivering the best webinar I can.

The service includes all of the administration in setting the webinar up as well as following up to those who have attended.

It really is a first-class offering. Lorna is exceptional and goes above and beyond to make sure my service appears professional.

If you run a business that is going to focus on running online events then talk with Lorna. It will reduce your stress and allow you to perform to a higher level”