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A few of you have seen that we’ve launched a new product at MyOhMy Events, which is helping business owners and entrepreneurs get online fast. 

If you’ve had to cancel events, whether that be one-day workshops, half-day sessions, anything at all, if because of the pandemic, we’re helping people get online and run those sessions as really interactive webinars, and we’re not talking broadcast sessions. We can do those, absolutely can, but I really want to make sure that you are still connecting with your clients. Having that all important initial contact, plus continued sessions that are engaging, that are exciting, inspiring, that people leave them and say, “Wow, I feel energized, I feel motivated, and I really got a lot of value from that.” 

What do you need to get online with your events? 

I’ve had a few people asking, “What do I need in order to get online?” The basic answer is, initially, you need a laptop or a computer would be great if that’s got a webcam and a microphone.  

If you don’t have either of those, an iPhone or a smartphone will work fine, as well.  

Obviously you need an internet connection. If you haven’t got fibre broadband yet, it’s an investment that I would really recommend. It makes for smooth webinar hosting and just stops those little glitches, ideal for a webinar session.  

You can invest in a headset, you can even use your iPhone headset. It just stops the feedback a little bit. 

Absolute minimum checklist is:  

  • Laptop with a computer camera and a microphone 
  • Good broadband connection 

Additional options 

Headset: If you want to get fancy, a headset is great with a built-in microphone that you test prior to the webinar. 

Tripod:  A tripod if you want to work on a full camera or on your phone,  

Lighting: Good lighting is key. You can pick up lighting kits for around £20. At the moment, I’m working with a ring light, which gives me various different settings. This week I am trialling the warm light, so if you take a look at any of my social media live videos let me know how it looks! The ring light ensures there are no shadows. I can make it blueI can make it white. It depends on the camera settings on your laptop and also what kind of room you’re in as to what the best lighting is, so some experimentation is required. You can get stand lights, and I’ve got a couple of those in the corner for doing videos, but, really, if you’ve got a face on light that just lights you up from the front, gets rid of any weird shadows, and I find it’s absolutely brilliant for me. 

Microphone: If you’re in a busy household, which a lot of people are at the moment, a directional mic can really help focus this sound rather than all of this sound that’s going on, whether you’ve got kids or dogs running around. It’s about adapting to working from home and really trying to get the best sound quality possible 

Get your event online in the next 2 hours 

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, I know that you’ve got a laptop or a desktop, and I know that you’ve got some internet connection, even if it might need a little update. With just that alone, you can get online in the next two hours. We can get your webinars running really smoothly and really slickly. 

Stay tuned. I’ll post some more hints and tips about running your sessions online, a few different programs you might want to think about, and if you’ve got any questions that I can help with, including recommendations for lights and microphones, please email me: lorna@myohmyevents.com.

For now, stay safe, wash your hands, and I’ll speak to you soon.