07841 042245 admin@myohmyevents.com

Hi I’m Gemma

I specialise in administration and organisation at MyOhMy Events. Answering client questions, contacting venues and keeping in touch with the venue and suppliers, I help to take care of the little details that can make all the difference.

I get the opportunity to see the details of events behind the scenes, the innovative techniques and cutting-edge delivery styles, as well as investigate some really wonderful and quirky venues.

Seeing an event take shape from concept to the final delivery and feedback, watching clients strive to grow their brand through new and exciting event experiences is really inspiring and it brings me a great sense of satisfaction and learning to be part of that.

Something you might not know about me?

I have been to Kathmandu and travelled across Nepal. My trip included trekking and staying up in the Himalayan mountains, and an overnight stay at Chitwan National Park where I was woken by the sound of the park’s Bengal Tigers. I also love Birds of Prey and recently held an American Eagle, which was nearly as big as me!