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How to price your services and products and NEVER discount, even in a recession


TIME 13:00

Robin Waite is a number 1 best seller 5 times!

He helps coaches, consultants and freelancers get their businesses on track by developing their business pricing and product structure, mastering their mindset and then developing a sales structure to ensure consistent growth

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Speaker bio:

From the age of 18, I spent four years as a systems analyst for a medical devices company, helping them increase their turnover by 50 per cent, from £1 million to £1.5 million.

From 2004 to 2014 I ran a successful design and advertising agency serving over 250 clients. During this time, I delivered workshops and masterclasses that helped over 1,000 business owners improve their marketing, product architecture, pricing, websites and digital advertising.

I love helping businesses to become more successful, and getting results for my clients is what gets me out of bed each day.