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How to Sell in a Recession

Tips and tools to help you sell consistently EVEN in a global crisis


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The UK’s Leading Prospect Conversion Expert

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 I am a sales mentor and trainer and I take companies who have a £100,000 plus turnover and build their SALES structures, skills, and knowledge to grow and scale to the next level. Follow my other clients and get results quickly and achieve your real business potential.

I offer access to the Sales Success Academy, where I work with small groups of business owners to grow their business, achieve consistent sales and scale. 

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Speaker bio:

I know what it takes to achieve business success, having enjoyed over 20 years of sales and marketing experience, including 11 in running my own online software business. My career was as a Sales and Marketing Director for large international computer networking firms, such as 3Com, and built relationships and delivered results and multi-million pound budget responsibility before I had reached the age of 30. Some of my achievements included:
  • Delivered a complete new brand strategy deployed across all company materials based upon customer research
  • I managed a team of 16 people across the complete range of the sales and marketing mix and across 8 different countries
  • I implemented a global systems integrator partner program & generated 18% growth in a 12 month period (over £14m of increased revenue generated)
  • I recruited 23 new business partners to join the vendor program and in turn generated an additional £9.8m of additional revenue within a 6 month period
However big or small your business is, and whatever path you have trodden, I have walked the same steps. My passion for helping businesses grow and achieve their goals is a key driving in everything I do.
In recent times, I have helped organisations such as Laundry Efficiency achieve over £600k of revenue in a 18 month period as a result of my models and they expect to grow this figure to over £1.7m in 2018. I have done this by providing the knowledge and expertise to their team and by working with them to get great results.
I was born in Swansea but moved to Somerset when I was six years old. I was educated in Weston-Super-Mare and then went to Plymouth University where I obtained a 2:1 Bsc degree in Business Information Management Systems in 1997.
I am an author, speaker, entrepreneur, football fan, blogger, Non-Exec Director, cyclist, chairman, salesman and leader.