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No. 1 brand in the foot skincare market.

 The Science Behind Healthy Feet – feet are important, but they are easily forgotten about when it comes to looking after them. Flexitol offers a range of foot skincare products that are used, sold and recommended by professionals, providing efficacious and clinically proven solutions to rescue dry, cracked, rough and hard/calloused skin on the feet.

A regular foot care routine is the best way for your customers to take care of their foot health and overall well-being, which is why it is believed “The best foot skin care product is the one the customer is happy to use”. The Flexitol range provides a complete solution to treating skin conditions and maintaining the health of their feet once the issue has been treated, with 9/10 customers agreeing that they would switch from their current foot skincare product to Flexitol*

Flexitol is approved by the College of podiatry and suitable for diabetics.

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Speaker Bio: My name is Caroline and I have worked on Flexitol since it was launched. Initially for the Australian manufacturer and more recently with Thornton & Ross, the new brand manufacturers. I have worked on all aspects of the brand including supporting GP’s and NHS podiatrists in the early days when Flexitol was allowed on prescription. More recently my role has changed to provide support including training and development and business support for Footcare professionals.




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