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Belinda Billinge


What is a stable business?

An overview of what a stable business can look like and how you may be able to create this in your own business.  

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Coach to Foot Health Practitioners

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Take Away The Headache

You’ve come out of your training and now you are faced with starting a business. 

Or have you been trading for a while but have become stuck or unsure of your next step?

This can all be daunting and just a little scary!

I’ve been there and felt like this.  

I’m going to share with you how I overcame these feelings and created a strong and stable business model

Working exclusively with Foot Health Practitioners and still working successfully within the industry myself since 2004, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you in setting up and running your business or re-evaluating and re-structuring your current business.  

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My Bio

I started my foot health career back in 2004 I have since then built a steady and resilient business.

Did I make mistakes along the way?  Absolutely!  Over the years I learnt and sought advice from mentors and have found a system that works for me and has allowed me to build a strong and resilient business model.

At the beginning of 2020, as we all know, the world changed forever with the outbreak of COVID-19.

Despite this and having to shut my business completely for nearly 3 months, my business was resilient enough to survive and still turn a profit by the end of it’s financial year.

Reflecting on this, and seeing other practitioners struggling, I felt a calling to share the tools and lessons that I have learnt over the years that allowed my business to cope and so “YourFHP” was born.

I also, in the past, built businesses in other industries, and in addition spent over 20 years in the legal profession prior to working for myself in foot health care.

I look forward to helping you to build your business to become strong and resilient and to help you overcome any obstacles that maybe preventing you from achieving this.