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Nathan Miller Introduces Spirularin

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 Spirularin is a range of professional footcare products designed for use on common skin related conditions including warts and verruca, nail infections and dry skin.

Containing Spirulina, one of the oldest forms of microalgae on earth, Spirularin provides a highly effective defence against harmful microbes and their inherent ability to regenerate. These natural properties have been incorporated into the Spirularin range.

Spirularin VS

Spirularin VS has been developed for the care, protection and regeneration of wart prone skin zones particularly susceptible to infection. By using a highly concentrated yet natural microalgae extract, Spirularin has been proven to provide effective protection from warts and verrucae.

Warts and verruca are caused by viruses which can only grow by entering healthy skin cells. Spirularin combines protective and regenerative properties with an anti-viral effect. Special sugar molecules (polysaccharides) contained in Spirularin protect healthy skin cells against the entry of viruses. With regular application, healthy skin cells are protected until verruca cells have disappeared as a result of the skin’s natural regenerative effect.

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Spirularin NS – Nail Serum 

Spirularin NS provides protection against microbial and viral infections of the nail using a highly concentrated and patented Spirulina microalgae extract, proven to be a highly effective defence against harmful microbes.

Spirularin NS also features regeneration properties, helping to stimulate healthy nail growth.

  • Concentrated Spirulina extract
  • Additional anti-bacterial protection
  • High-quality nourishing natural ingredients


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Spirularin Mousse 

Ideal for use on dry or sensitive feet. Spirularin Mousse calms skin irritations and contains 10% Urea to moisturise and rehydrate the skin. Natural active ingredients penetrate deeply into the skin, helping to enhance natural defences and boost regeneration of new skin cells.

Spirularin Mousse combines an intensive moisturiser with the active microalgae protection of Spiralin to protect against harmful microorganisms.


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